Monday, April 27, 2009

Starlight Soooo Damn Bright (my future)

It's looking like things are starting to look up. As an up and coming songwriter it is hard to be heard. You are often stuck in the same circle unless you surround yourself with good people. I have been lucky enough to find people with similar goals and ambitions who are just as talented if not much more talented then myself.

This year I finally got a signed artist to sing one of my songs. He goes by the name of Chris J. His most popular song is "Put It On Ya" with Plies.. I have also been working with Ashley Glasgow from Florida from the Coyote Ugly Reality Show, tryna get my pop music on... I'll also be going with Main Girl (up and coming R&B girl group from the DMV) to the A&R Power Summit in NYC to get my networking game on point. It's looking like a good 2009!

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